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CFR System

Why is Personal Fitness Advantage Plantation, Florida’s #1 Choice for Quality Personal Training?


Here’s Why:


The Personal Fitness Advantage CFR Personal Training System


When you personal train with Personal Fitness Advantage, we throw out the gimmicks and fads and use our proven six-step Complete Fitness Results (CFR) system to guarantee your results.


1) The Personal Fitness Analysis and Solutions (PFAS) Session
It all starts here. You will meet with our personal training manager and experience our 3-step, 90-minute no obligation private session. This meeting includes the PFA Fitness and Health Exploration, the PFA Workout Sampler, and our PFA Service Recommendations where we give you our recommendations and ask you to make a renewed commitment to your health and fitness.


2) Implementation of our Priority Rotation Training (PRT) Method
Follow our cutting-edge PRT Method to maximize your fitness results. PRT allows our trainers flexibility to personalize your workouts, while at the same time working within guidelines that guarantee your results.


3) Our Proprietary Goals and Results Audit
You receive a session that is integrated into your training sessions each month. It’s a crucial step in achieving your goals that no other training centers in South Florida include.


4) Our PFA Trainer Accountability System
Our trainers and our systems will be the key to your success. To make sure our trainers are staying at the top of their game, our manager reviews your specific goals and results each month with your trainer. Monthly measurement and tracking, along with trainer accountability, does wonders for ensuring your results.


5) Our PFA 100% RESULTS Guarantee keeps Personal Fitness Advantage accountable
We put our money where our mouth is by offering a 100% results guarantee. If you follow our system for 12 weeks and don’t achieve the results we promised, you get your money back. See if our competitors are willing to put that in writing!