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Audio Interviews

Doug Jackson Interviewed by Sean Greeley: Top 10 Fitness Mistakes You Make and What To Do About Them


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General Fitness Articles


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Stress Symptoms: How They Interfere with Fat Loss Workout and What to Do About It (Part 1 of 3)


Stress Symptoms: How They Interfere with Fat Loss Workout and What to Do About It (Part 2 of 3)


Stress Symptoms: How They Interfere with Fat Loss Workout and What to Do About It (Part 3 of 3)


Exercise Program Design Articles


The Travel Workout (Do this to stay in Top Shape while on the Road)


The Two Paradoxical Principles for Improving Fitness


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How to Personalize Your Fitness Program


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Fitness Tools to Maximize Your Results


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Exercise Psychology Articles


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Use Triggers to Manage Emotions


Breaking Through Barriers With Mental Training


Goal Setting For Fitness; The Overlooked Factors


How to Program Your Mind for Physical Excellence (Part 1 of 3)


How to Program Your Mind for Physical Excellence (Part 2 of 3)


How to Program Your Mind for Physical Excellence (Part 3 of 3)


How to Improve Your Mood with Exercise


Special Interest Articles


What you Need to Know About Starbucks


Who’s Funding the Health Research You Believe?


JAMA: Bariatric Surgery Riskier than Previously Thought


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Prevent or Reduce the Risk of Osteoporosis with the SAID Principle


ADHD and Exercise


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Articles Written By Other Fitness Experts


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Raising the Red Flag on Leg Extensions


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How to Stop Low Back Pain (Part 2) by Brian Schiff


How to Stop Low Back Pain (Part 3) by Brian Schiff


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Interview With Michelle Marie, Author of Eat To Be Fit


The Power of Story…Doug’s Exclusive Interview with Bestselling Author Dr. Jim Loehr


Gregg Avedon Interviewed; Gregg reveals fat loss tips and chats about his new book Muscle Chow.


Sylvia Ferrero Reveals What It Takes To Be a Champion


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Weight Loss Transformation; Doug’s interview with Billy Hofacker


Fat Loss: A bodybuilding perspective; Doug interviews pro bodybuilder Mike Francois


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Doug interviews Celebrity Personal Trainer Billy Beck


Doug interviews Helen Charles, PFA Client and Owner of Helen Charles Salon


Articles on Success and Achievement


What does it take to be successful? by Doug Jackson


Articles Written For Trainers


How Stress Effects Exercise (Doug’s article originally published in Personal Fitness Professional Magazine)


Self-Efficacy Theory and Exercise Adherence: Why it’s so Important for Trainers to Understand


Supplement Information


Creatine Supplementation: A Position Paper by the International Society of Sports Nutrition


Product Ratings


Best Portable Strength Training Equipment


Review of the TRX Trainer


Question and Answer


The Benefits of Alternating Muscle Groups


Specific Types of Protein Supplementation During the Day


The Fallacy of the 10 Minute a Day Fat Loss Workout


PCBs and Fish


Should High School Athletes Squat? (Answered by high school strength coach and world-class powerlifter Jeremy Hartman)


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